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Incentivised SEO Pricing in the UK

Incentivised SEO Pricing

First things first, as a new SEO client of ours you WILL NOT pay full price until all of your target keywords (that we agree on) are ranking within positions 1-4 on Google.co.uk for a minimum of 1 month.

By doing this you are paying less for less and more (which is capped) only when your business is receiving the full benefits of SEO. We call this ‘Incentivised SEO’ and for us it’s the only way reputable SEO agencies should operate.

This might be presumptuous, but as a new SEO client of ours you’ll benefit from:

  • A low monthly SEO price until ALL keywords are 1-4 on Google.co.uk
  • No contract
  • Live and interactive reporting – login anytime to monitor
  • Full website management
  • Free website hosting on a dedicated UK server
  • Fast response customer support


Did you know….
An average customer with Pete Duffy pays between £250 and £350 per month for SEO – meaning around £8.50 per day for your website to be found high on Google.co.uk !


So ‘why Pete Duffy’ you ask..

OK we’ll tell you. We work for lots of businesses in and around Liverpool and our reputation as Liverpool and Wirrals #1 dedicated SEO agency is growing by the week.

If you are considering SEO and you’d like to work with a no-nonsense, local SEO agency then there really are two choices – (1) Pete Duffy and (2) the over-priced competition underneath us on Google.co.uk. Start off by requesting a free website audit and SEO quote by filling out the form below and we’ll come back to you with our findings and seriously good ideas for your business.

Happy SEO Clients

Below are some our ‘so happy with our work they’ve agreed to a video’ SEO clients. You could be one of them!

SEO Testimonial from customer in Liverpool

SEO Services Testimonial

SEO reference from Better Bounce Castle Hire

SEO Testimonial from Elliott Davenport

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